Wednesday, 17 December 2014

16/12 - Hand Puppet

Sorry for the lack of posting! I've been visited by my lovely mum for the past few days and I decided to put everything on hold. I don't get to see her often since going to Uni.

Today's post is the hand puppet from Princess Pants. He's designed to be a small decoy for the main bad guy with huge black sluggy eyebrows.

I've been inspired by the Creator from Little Big Planet, who pops up in the background occasionally and steals other NPCs. It's your job as sackboy to rescue the kidnapped. There's a small picture up there to show how he works, and that's how I'd love for the puppet to be. Ideally, the puppet would be more angular, as the big bad boss is, but that's not how a cloth puppet works. 

Could it be implemented to be a red-herring? Or an acting good guy? Hmm...

Friday, 12 December 2014

12/12, Foreground Plant Life

Today I've been working on some foreground work for Princess Pants. Today's an early post because there's a whole lot of busy going on today socially, so stuff is being posted at half one as opposed to eleven pm. Success!

Also, bonus tree ladders from yesterday. More concepts are always great. It gives me more to pick and choose from. I'm not convinced I like the pine. It's too real for a surreal landscape.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

11/12 - Tree Ladders

In the game, I imagine there'll be some kind of strange shaped plant like thing on which to climb to get around obstacles. Here's a quick few five from today's work.

Truthfully, there's not one that I don't like so far. I'm particularly fond of the ghost one, (the dark one on the right), and the flower one on the top left. I like the spiked one on the top, but if Princess Pants needs to get to a high platform, something so low down might not work so well. These are concepts, the actual trees will be nowhere near as plain in colour!!

Also something semi decent in photoshop. The artist can never blame their tools.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

09/12, Princess Pants final design!

Princess Pants's face is done!

I've done it in illustrator, where there was seven eyes, eight noses and six mouths.

Basically, a lot.

The big four are the ones I like the most.
These were done yesterday, and the compiling was today. All together, there'd be over 300 different variations. I've got no time for that!!

 Yesterday, I did a mock up background. With the character in front, here's what it'll (hopefully) look like!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

07/12, NPC Robots

Good evening, folks.
Today I've been working on some NPC enemies for Princess Pants.

The idea behind this is that the main boss is taking over Magical Land (yet to be named. Please comment, I'm getting stuck.), and taking down genie magic to make way for his own desires, which involve no creativity, and boringness.

Enter the NPCs! They're robots. Not that I'm saying robots aren't creative, they just seem like an apt bad guys for the game. They're the henchmen of the game, and there's lots of them. Today I've been making some silhouettes in Photoshop for these guys.

I've designed three types of bad guy. I imagine it to be similar to Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde from pacman, that they all have their own 'personality', and coloured from bronze to gold in terms of difficulty. On the right is an extension of the cowboy. Ideally, he's the second hardest NPC, but I don't like the idea of him being silver. I don't equate cowboys with silver.

So maybe he'll be the hardest in gold, with the knight being silver, and the pirate in bronze? 

Note, my photoshop skills need serious work. I've only ever done one thing I've ever been even slightly proud of in photoshop, and that was by sheer fluke three and a half years ago.

Friday, 5 December 2014

05/12: Princess Pants Mega Post

Hi guys. I've not posted much at all in the last week, so here's a mega post from this week. I've been sketching up designs, hands, gestures, colour tests, etc. I hope you like it as much as I do!

First! These are some old sketches from the summer that Princess Pants was thought up.

The design is still in no way near settled, I've been particularly all over the place this week, just drawing what I feel like. The big changes is from having the head a rugby ball shape to more of a pentagonal one. My thought process is here.

Little Y/N are everywhere.

I'm not loving the triangles, or the two triangles added together. I'm not fond of the upright oval, either.
I do like most of the other ones, the diamond and pentagon are my current favourites.

The more astute readers will probably notice a random 'proud' in the corner. I'd been jotting down things as I thought of them, and the character Penny Proud from The Proud Family is going to be used as a reference for P.P.

Bear with the mess with this one. I was having a test of hands. Shapes, lengths, etc. My entire thought process is here. Excuse the mess, I was drawing in every little space. There's many no/yes/notes in general here. The arrows are from where I'd drawn a hand, and expanded on it some. My surprise favourite came from hitting a block and deciding to use some vegetables as shapes. In hindsight, I was probably hungry. It's the one more or less in the middle with the annotations of 'carrot' for the fingers, and 'tomato' for the palm. Weirdly enough, I really like the shape that it made,

Everything here is to be worked on. Nothing is final, and it'll take a lot of time.

My idea generation is going well. My villain was initially a man with two heads, but has since changed into a giant snake with a hand puppet.

I had a little test of Z Brush yesterday. It went alright, sculpting from the base head. It looks like turds at the minute, but that's part of progress, right?


Also! I'm now on twitter. You can find me @AnimatorRobyn. Tweet me whenever!