Monday, 25 May 2015

25/5/15 - Game Jam - Polished Animation

This animated sprite was made by swapping out the movie clips in flash for polished artwork made by Ronja in photoshop. Certain assets, such as the dress, the apron and the hair were un-animateable, so I've been a little naughty and worked my way around it.


The apron was really beautifully made, but it wouldn't animate properly - in fact, everything that didn't animate had a 'flow' - cloth, hair, flowing nicely. Except it just wouldn't in flash. So I've gotten around this by making a shape tween where the apron was, and animated like that.


The dress was tricky. I initially planned out for there to be many frames to the dress as seen in my early animations, but when I used the warp tool in photoshop on the initial dress, it didn't play out in flash nicely. The dress is perhaps two or three of eight original warped images. Not the most flowing of all the animation, but it serves it's purpose.


I used the same kind of tricks as I did with the apron. However, the shape tween didn't want to play nicely as one big shape, so I split it into three with three colours, and did it like that. The downnside to this was that the texture of the hair - all the  nicely painted one in photoshop - isn't present, but adding the original over the top gives it a nice feel.


Dan and Callum have been working solidly on code. It's wickedly addictive, and now is just a case of adding in polished assets in place of placeholders