Sunday, 24 May 2015

24/5/15 - Another game jam progress post

Because this is on such a short schedule, I'll be updating here a lot this week. Combined with the fact that I'm on the art side and not the development this time, there's a lot more to show!

I started with crappy thumbnails in photoshop...

and refined it with this as a reference. I've been looking at all sorts of reference videos. I found one with women jumping on trampolines, and while that was really great for dresses and hair, they all anticipated the fall, so it would look really un-natural. This is why I was looking at diving in my previous post - it's slower to watch and more natural to a point.

After I couldn't find what I was looking for, I found these videos of skateboarders, where falling off is common. In this screenshot, the man was about to fall off, and it's the pose that one makes after being about to fall is what I'm looking for. It looked natural, and I decided to tweak it from there.

Now I'm currently working on animation, here's a peek in .gif form, no refinement, just movement.