Tuesday, 24 February 2015

24/2/15 - More Animation

Time has flown by this week. I've no excuse for not posting other than that I honestly lost track of days.

Firstly, the run is near enough finished (to a point that I'm happy with). The trouble with my references was that I hadn't bounded like the run is supposed to, so I didn't get the cape right. In my video, where it was a light jog, it was a little swish from left to right - so the cape swish that worked well in the jog didn't transfer over properly to the bound.

There's a good chance that the cape might be too heavy on the way down, but at least it doesn't look like a solid object now!

Secondly, there's an idle animation done now. This is for when there's a period of inactivity. I started with a longer arm swing, but was told to shorten it by Callum

Monday, 16 February 2015

16/2/15 - Princess Pants Logo

Howdy howdy howdy.

Today, I've been working on a logo for the game.

I've been inspired by the Fat Princess logo, Candy Crush,  and assorted bubble fonts, and superhero-esque typefaces. I had a look for princess fonts, but dear lord, they are woeful, and inappropriate for everything but headers.

I had a bit of trouble deciding what sort of look to go for, and after a bit of trial and error, I took inspiration from all sorts of places and came out with this.

Personally, I like the Princess bit, but I'm not hot on the "pants". I feel like that's a bit unreadable. 

Fun fact - today I learnt how to mask in Illustrator. I always love learning new things about that software.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

14/02/15 - Princess Pants has a cape!

Today, I've been working on Princess Pants' cape. There's some overlapping action in the cape knot, but this needs work and it's just a basic thing at the moment. I've been looking at my own running reference, but I feel like I might need to be running on the treadmill to get the run right, as my own is more of a jog than a bound.

Looking at it, the cape definitely needs to be higher up for longer. That's for tomorrow!

Lastly, Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a picture of Princess Pants and Carrot the Rat having a cuddle. Remember to tell everyone that means something to you "I love you."Valentine's day is for loving everyone, including yourself, so make yourself a nice meal and put your feet up for the day.

From here on in, the work on the Princess Pants Facebook Page is going to be completely different to the blog, so be sure to head on over there from time to time. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

13/2/15 - Meta Post

Hi everyone!
Today I've made a Facebook page for Princess Pants. This blog is for all the development, but the Facebook page will be full of finished promo pieces, so be sure to look both here and on Facebook.

You can find it at https://www.facebook.com/PrincessPantsGame , be sure to chuck a like my way!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

12/2/15 - Princess Pants run

Today I've been working on backgrounds and Princess Pants' run cycle. It's not yet finished - there's definitely some things that need refining, and there's a cape that needs adding, but here's the work from today/yesterday!

This is the first run cycle I made, using the legs from the previous post. Julia Young pointed out to me that perhaps it was a bit fast, so I added some frames in.

This is the slower bounding run. It's animated on twos, and is a total of 24 frames.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

08/2/15 - Run Cycles

I've been a bit inactive as of late, and that's down to doing my dissertation. For the love of God, I hope to never write another essay for as long as I live.

I've been itching to get started on production, and today after my marathon shift at work, I've started some run cycles. Here are my first couple of attempts.

Now this first one was done by looking at a reference sheet, and making similar poses. I only did one side for quickness, so I don't really care about it at this point, I'm just getting some basic looks done.

This one here was exaggerating the first one. I didn't really like this one to be honest.

In between the last one and here, I decided to give the bone tool a shot for quickness. I was really struggling with the legs drawn by hand, and, so I wanted something a little speedy. I actually quite like the look of how this is going.

This was a happy accident. I went to loop the top one again, and accidentally chose only half of it. Now it's quite an animated, jumpy run. Imagine that's fully done, again, these are only in halves just to see how it'll look quickly and save my time. I'm not a lazybones, I just work efficiently.

This is a continuation from the one up there. I decided I'd give it a go, and actually fill in the legs over the top.

This one is more or less the same as the one up there, except I deleted every other frame to work on twos. I don't like how this one looks so much, so if I choose to work on twos, I'm going to have to have a look at re-doing the shapes.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed today's post.
I done a dumb and forgot to save what was driving me so crazy. I'd had one leg done really nicely, but whenever I tried to add the other leg, it just looked wrong. Thank Ra and all the other Gods for the bone tool.