Saturday, 14 February 2015

14/02/15 - Princess Pants has a cape!

Today, I've been working on Princess Pants' cape. There's some overlapping action in the cape knot, but this needs work and it's just a basic thing at the moment. I've been looking at my own running reference, but I feel like I might need to be running on the treadmill to get the run right, as my own is more of a jog than a bound.

Looking at it, the cape definitely needs to be higher up for longer. That's for tomorrow!

Lastly, Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a picture of Princess Pants and Carrot the Rat having a cuddle. Remember to tell everyone that means something to you "I love you."Valentine's day is for loving everyone, including yourself, so make yourself a nice meal and put your feet up for the day.

From here on in, the work on the Princess Pants Facebook Page is going to be completely different to the blog, so be sure to head on over there from time to time.