Sunday, 11 January 2015

11/01/15 - A break from Princess Pants and more photoshop

I've been doing assorted Princess Pants stuff today when I've not been at work.
Instead of being productive on my game, I've made a portrait thing instead to practice my skills with photoshop. Truthfully, I've only started doing it because I made a very tasteful piece of art that will not be uploaded. A stress on the tasteful, and it's about the only thing I've liked since I made a flukey one off nice picture in college.

I'm not sure who it's supposed to be, but I've given her my sister's staple-dots features found by her left eye. I've always called them her staple dots, she looked like she was stapled as a kid. Now she's older, they've grown apart. :c

I made it in blue, then added a pink/purple overlay on the lighten setting.