Thursday, 6 November 2014

06/11, West Midlands Safari Park!

Today I went to the West Midlands Safari Park with my boyfriend. We got a whole bunch of reference materials and it was a generally lovely day out.

Highlights include feeding Eland, which were absolute whores for food, feeding giraffes, and seeing Callum try to stop a cow looking thing getting into the car with us.

Seeing Rhinos was weirdly upsetting. It's a shame to imagine that due to poaching, they face a very near extinction.

Back to the good bit, there were many animals, including goats. For some weird reason, I keep stumbling into goat things this week, so I've made a quick infographic to help people understand a little something about goats.

I thought it was having a good time being stroked, standing at my feet. Turns out, it was trying to eat my shoelaces.