Tuesday, 4 November 2014

04/11, Hungry Whispers Promo 2

Naughty Naughty, Chicken Balti!

What happened to once a day? I'm awful at daily things.

Here's a second part to Hungry Whispers Promo. Enjoy!

I was working on a whole bunch of ideas. Initially it started out in block colour, the background was the gradient. I realised the lines were way nicer, so I went with this. Then I noticedthere was a black thing in the corner. I went to get rid of it, and...

This happened! Luckily for me, it looks awesome.

I gave it a go splitting the character straight in half, but I kind of like the mystique going on in the diagonal one. It looks more creepy, and creepy is good.

The book binder happened by accident, too. When I colour inverted the initial sketch, I noticed it looked pretty decent. Add it in! Why not!