Friday, 31 October 2014

31/10, Hungry Whispers Promo 1

Oh, I've been naughty. This is supposed to be a daily blog! I've not posted anything in a week. Truly, last week I've been super burnt out, plus After Effects is agitating me. On the plus side, I've become brilliant at Pyramid Solitaire to calm me down.

I've been working on a promo piece for my good friend Jade and her game, Hungry Whispers. You can find out more here, as the playable demo, here, the deviantart group full of concepts, here, on the Tumblr tag HungryWhispers, and here, the original blog from 2011. This has been in the works since Jade was in uni, and I've been backing it ever since I found out about it!

So here's a promo piece, go check them out!