Monday, 20 October 2014

20/10, Final Google Doodle

I actually had made the mouse quite a while ago and had a hell of a time trying to make the code work. Now I've finally got the code working, this should be a piece of cake. The brief for this assignment was to make a 'google doodle' and make tests to see what we can do, which is where I made the mouse from the post before. My final google doodle is themed on Bonfire Night, a day I look forward to. I can't get enough of that smell. Mmmm.

There's also some sound on this one. For anyone who thinks it's a popup they can't get rid of, I'm so sorry. It's just my blog.

There's a mouse over thing here. The invisible button isn't terrific, but it does what it's supposed to do. I initially attempted to code it, what was supposed to happen was that on mouse over of the Houses of Parliament, there would be some text. However, I managed to code it so it appeared on click, but then didn't disappear. After trawling the internet, I found nothing and decided it might be less hassle to make an invisible button, but that's not going quite according to plan either. Hmph.