Friday, 24 October 2014

24/10, Illustrator and Apples

I've been absolutely knackered. My first mistake this week was thinking After Effects would behave like Premier.

 Hint: It doesn't. Hmph.

 I've been at work all week and I'm behind on Uni work. Not to mention, I suck at After Effects at the moment. I'm not sure whether that's because I was on a Mac, or because I was just tragic at the new software.

Today's post is a trial on Illustrator. Usually I go with big blocky colours, but today I thought I'd try some shading with only a bunch of colours and opacity. Here's how it looks so far, I got lazy because it's 11pm and, surprise! I'm in work tomorrow as well.

It's nowhere near done, but the original picture is sitting next to it. I think I should have chosen a picture that has a bigger colour difference in the reds.

Now I look at it, I can see clearly I really messed up some of the colours. Oops. That's for tomorrow.